Thursday, June 21, 2012

Small Adventures Taken at the Beginning of Summer

This will probably be a short post but I thought I would add some info about some of my little adventures. Well this summer has been pretty good. I have had a lot of free time and need to be studying for the GRE soon and studying German.


In May I got to go ghost hunting with one of my best friends named April. We went to place in Ohio near Oxford. It was pretty fun even though we didn’t get any ghost feedback. Even though true, I got to meet to John Tenney from Weird Lectures. He is a pretty cool guy and very intelligent. While talking with him, he had me questioning the world and what I thought. I also went to the a place called Rock Castle in Tennessee in May. I thought it would be a castle, but it wasn't. Kind of mas that it was not. But that same day we went to the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's home which is pretty good. I took a class on Jackson last winter and it was great to put words to what the place was like. It cost about $18.00 to get in. 

At the beginning of June, my sister and I were invited to present our presentation on Frankenstein and graphic novels at the University of Cincinnati. It was my first graduate conference that I had presented at since I graduated undergrad. My sister and I had to get up really early to arrive to Cincinnati. It is usually about 45 minutes to get to Cincinnati but it took about an hour and a half due to traffic. I was really nervous about the presentation but I believe it went pretty well. We talked about how to incorporate graphic novels into the classroom even though academia, as of right now, does not accept it. I took the historical approach while my sister took the English approach. Right after the conference my sister and I had to Columbus, OH, for to a gaming con (convention) called Origins. It was our first con and the only reason that we really went was because Felicia Day was there. If you don’t know who Felicia Day is, well I shake my head at you! She plays in The Guild, Buffy, Dollhouse, Supernatural, and the list goes on. We got to Columbus and stayed at this sketchy hotel. Our room had a note that asked us to lock the door automatically when got in so nothing bad happened to us.

Anyway, we awoke the next morning (okay and alive). We went to the convention center where Origins was being held. After much confusion and questions with the info desk, we bought our tickets to meet Felicia Day! We were about fourth in line to meet her. After waiting like an hour or so and talking with some cool people, we finally got to meet Felicia. She is fantastic and great person to talk with. She signed a couple of things for me and even took a picture with me. After meeting her, my sister and I were like hey lets walk around. We went to some cool booths around the con. I bought a couple of trinkets and got some SWAG. And while walking around my sister and I met Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters who is now producing games for his company Rather Dashing Games. I bought Four Taverns which is a pretty awesome game.

After hanging around a little bit and going through all the booths we decided that we could leave. But before we left my sister, Cassie, was like hey isn’t that Wil Wheaton. We asked him if we could take a picture with him and he allowed it. Such a good guy.

When we left Columbus we headed back to NKY (Northern Kentucky). But before we did that I was like hey lets go to Loveland Castle, which is a random castle by the river in Ohio. It’s a pretty cool attraction (on Roadside America) so if you are ever around the area it’s definitely a great place to visit. Just remember that admission is $3.00.

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