Thursday, June 28, 2012

Awkward (TIA)

So I have been currently waiting forever and a day for the the Season 2 premiere of Awkward! Who hasn't? Season One was amazing and I now can't wait for more.

If you do not know what Awkward is, I shake my head at you. Its probably one of the best television shows that is currently on the air. The show is very comedic, very intriguing, and there is some, I mean a lot of, great drama. Furthermore,  I have learned some great new lingo like TIA (This Is Awkward) and DTR (Determine the Relationship). I love using these terms around people because I feel as if the only people who understand them are people who watch Awkward. Its kind of like our own little language!

Anyway, if you have missed Awkward here is a Season I recap: Jenna Hamilton, the main character of the show, is in love with this guy named Matty, who is one of the popular guys at school. Matty and Jenna basically fool around at a summer camp and when they get back to school he ignores her when he is around other people since Jenna is not popular. Although true, he keeps seeing her behind everyone's backs. Even though this is going on, Jenna feels invisible to him since he is keeping her quiet and not "DTRing" their relationship. Also at the very beginning of the season, Jenna receives a letter from a "friend" who does not include their name. The letter calls her invisible, a coward, and tell her to make changes in her life. After reading the letter, she chokes on a couple of pills and causes a ruckus in her bathroom that makes it seem like she was trying to kill herself, even though it was a complete accident. Basically she was in an AWKWARD situation.

Well in the rest of the season, she is put not only through hell but also some very awkward situations due to some of events and people in her life. Her school counselor, Val, is not so smart and tries to help but in the end usually tends to fail. She provides a lot of comedy to the show because she tends to make situations worse for Jenna. Her friends are very helpful as well. Tamara and Ming, her two best friends, tend to provide advice but also get her in awkward situations. Even though true, they are always there for her. With friends comes enemies. Her biggest enemy is a cheerleader named Sadie who seems to not like her biggest Matty provides Jenna with attention. Jenna has two love interests in the show. One is Matty, who I have already gone over, and Jake. Jake is Matty's best friend and begins to crush on Jenna, even though she doesn't notice for the longest time. Throughout the season, both guys tend to fight for Jenna's affection.

In the end of Season I, Jake seems to win the love of Jenna due to Matty not showing enough care for their relationship. Furthermore, after trying to solve the mystery of who wrote the letter, Jenna finds out it was her mother. Her mother is quite crazy and wants Jenna to be popular and be like her. Its like her mother wants Jenna to live the life that she could of had but could not due to having Jenna while she was in high school.

I am really excited about Season 2....which starts tonight (June 28) at 9:30 Central Time. Here are my Top 10 Reasons I am Excited:

1) Jenna's Discovery of Who Wrote the Letter
2) Team Jake (Hoping)
3) More of Sadie
4) More of Valerie
5) More Awkward Situations
6) New Awkward Lingo
7) More of Tamara
8) Jenna's Awkward Looks
9) More Popular Culture References
10) Hoping for more Jenna Lives shirt references still, lol.

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