Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wandering Wednesdays - Salem, Massachusetts

One of my favorite places to travel is Salem, Massachusetts. There are several reasons that I love the city of Salem: its a New England state, its on the Atlantic Coast, its tourism, very Halloweenish, and, of course, the Salem Witch Trials. I have been to Salem three times and can't wait to go back again. Here are some highlights of my adventures and wanderings to Salem.

One of the first stops on your trip should be the Salem Witch Museum. The museum is very informative on the trials and has a wax-statue show that provides the history of the trials. It also has a little museum about witchcraft and a great gift shop. I found this site very beneficial when researching the trials.

Another place you might want to think about visiting is the Witch House. I have not officially taken the tour there but it has a great gift shop and its the only building in Salem that is still standing from the time period of 1692.

I have also went ghost-hunting in Salem and had a really good time. I went with the people from the show Paranormal State. They were pretty cool and we got to ghost-hunt in Salem's Town Hall!

Here is a picture from my Paranormal State trip with Ryan Buell. It was a good time and I got to meet some cool people.

Furthermore, I love the restaurants in Salem. I found a great place that served veggie-dogs. I was excited when I found it because I am a vegetarian. I have never found anyone else who serves one.

Moreover, another great aspect of Salem is the Hocus Pocus tourist attractions. Does this look familiar? Well this is Alison's house from the movie.

The Witch Dungeon Museum is a very neat museum that offers a play and also visual history of the trials. It also has one of the only actual artifacts of the trials, which is a piece of wood from the dungeon that the people of Salem kept their witch victims.

The Salem Witch Trials Memorial is really cool. It provides a memorial for the victims of the trials. Its very unique and very educational.

I also loved geocaching in Salem. Sorry for all you muggles who do not know what geocaching is but its a fun activity.

Finally, there are so many shops in Salem! They all offer their own unique items and in my last crusade there I found a Harry Potter store which was awesome! P.S. Bring lots of money because you will want to buy everything.

Things I still want to do in Salem:
- Halloween in Salem
- Tour the Witch House
- Go to Marblehead
- Relive the Salem Witch Trials outside Salem Village
- Visit the House that Max lived in the movie Hocus Pocus

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