Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Paranormal State Poster

So today my friend text me and said, "Our picture with Sergey made the official poster for the final field trip..." At first, I was like what is she talking about? Then I thought about it. I remembered that I turned in a couple of pictures of my Salem trip with Paranormal State (PRS) when they asked for them. When I saw the poster, I got very excited. Our picture is small on it but hey my picture made it, lol. Anyway, I am very sad that I won't be able to get the poster since I will be in grad school at the time the trip is occurring. Sad Day! But I am glad that people will get to see our memories. Here is the picture:

My friend and I are on the left side (the smallest picture, lol). But if you are able to attend the last trip, believe me you will have a great time. I really kind of envy you! I can't believe its ending! I will always enjoy the memories and friends that I met on the Salem trip I went on.

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