Saturday, July 14, 2012

Top 5 of the Week (July 8-14)

I have a unique Top 5 for the Week and I hope that you enjoy. The Top 5 ranges in many different genres and categories.

1) Roger Federer - He is my #1 this week because he won Wimbledon. Not only was he able to do this, but he also was able to earn the #1 ATP Ranking as well. He has to be the best tennis player that ever lived. The finals match at Wimbledon was awesome. The first set had be saying "come on, come on." But Federer did not disappoint and played the match brilliantly.

2) Get Glue - Get Glue is a very fascinating site where you can earn free stickers. I feel like I am on the site everyday looking at what type of TV or Movie stickers I can get for the day. Get Glue made my Top 5 this week because of its Comic Con stickers. I feel as if I am not just getting stickers but also getting news about Comic Con. Its like I am there but not.

3) Pottermore - #3 this week is Pottermore. Pottermore just opened its first few chapters of Chamber of Secrets online. So far I found it enjoyable because its very interactive with games, finding hidden items, and getting new stories/facts that are not mentioned in the book.

4) Walks in Cincinnati - While my sister and my niece went to the movies, I decided to walk across the Purple People Bridge and walk the park by the Ohio River in Cincinnati. I had a great time. There are some great views, tennis courts, playgrounds, and scenery. 

5) Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds - So this week I got really bored so I pulled out the old gamecube  and played Buffy - Chaos Bleeds. I forgot about how much I loved the game. Although I could not remember everything I was able to beat the game once again. I love being able to take down the First and being characters like Spike, Buffy, and Faith. 

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