Sunday, January 19, 2014

No One Else Can Have You - Review

No One Else Can Have You

By Kathleen Hale (@halekathleen)

5 out of 5 Stars

Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” Yeah, I am a firm believer against it. I first saw Kathleen Hale’s book on twitter. Several people were talking about it so I had to know more. I looked her book up and instantly fell in love. Not only are there moose on the cover but one is hanging, so you already know that the book is going to be good.

When I received No One Else Can Have You in the mail, I immediately un-wrapped it from its box and began reading the text. I instantly became enthralled with the story line. There was a lot of “are you kidding me?” and “what just happened?” I could not put the book down because the plot was brilliantly written. The focus of the book was for Kippy, the protagonist of the story, to discover who killed her best friend. It was not focused on a love story like many other young adult stories. Kippy, who is from a small town called Friendship, Wisconsin, tries to fight small county politics and “psychopathic” episodes, discover the truth behind friendships, and investigate a murder that she knows has not been examined and inspected correctly.

There are several different reasons why I enjoyed the book. From its witty persona, laughable dialogue, and backstabbing nature, Hale provides her viewers with a remarkable young adult book. I honestly laughed out loud in several places and found myself wanting more. I say this because each chapter was developed to enhance the novel and provide a conclusion that readers will never forget. 

Furthermore, I would like to say that Kippy is like the Veronica Mars or the Harriet the Spy of this generation. She is trying to solve the murder of her best friend and gets caught in a game of cat and mouse that eventually leads her to discovering who murdered her best friend.

Also, I loved how this book made me think. It allows you to know that the idea of trust between friends may never fully develop.  Some thoughts:
  • Always watch your back and be one step ahead of the rest of your friends.
  • The people closest to you may not be who they say theyare. So don’t trust anyone.
  • Small communities = unfair politics, gossip, lies, and betrayal.
In the end, the book was remarkable. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to read YA novels, mysteries, and “who-done-its.” Also, if there are any Veronica Mars fans reading this, you should definitely pick this book up. There are so many similarities: the main characters’ best friend dies, they both deal with idiot sheriffs, and they investigate and discover who killed their best friends. With these thoughts in mind, go out and buy this book. I promise you will not regret it!

Memorable Line: “Around here moose are about as rare as murder.”

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