Sunday, May 12, 2013

Graduating as a Hilltopper!!!

This past weekend, I became a MASTER. No, no, no. Its nothing weird or anything! I walked across a platform, shook the president of the University's hand, and was acknowledged as becoming a candidate for a Masters Degree in History. So basically, I am a Master of History. I was also able to graduate with my best friend, mentor, and sister. Yes, they are all the same person! Graduation night was pretty amazing. I received a complete surprise by someone who attended my commencement and was able to have a great time with my family who attended.

Now looking back, I think I might write about some of the awesome events that occurred at Western. I had my ups and downs at the university but I will say it helped me grow as a person!

Top 5 Favorite Memories:

  1. Road trips with My Sister Our First Semester
  2. Graduation Day
  3. Tennis Matches with Friends
  4. The Honors College
  5. Jumping into the Fountain!!!

Top 5 Favorite Books (I had to read for class):
  1. Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt - Bernard Rosenthal
  2. Salem Story - Bernard Rosenthal 
  3. Gay New York -George Chauncey 
  4. A History of Blacks in Kentucky, Volume I - Marion Lucas
  5. Recreating Africa - James Sweet

Top 5 Classes:
  1. Salem Witch Trials
  2. The Civil War and Reconstruction
  3. Kentucky History
  4. The Atlantic World
  5. Jacksonian Period

Top 5 Favorite Trips:
  1. Harry Potter World
  2. Nashville Book Trips
  3. Phi Alpha Theta State Convention
  4. Mammoth Cave
  5. The Hermitage 

Now thinking about all of these things, I will have to say that I am kind of afraid to leave the college world! But although true, I get to present one of my history papers at a national conference!!!! Also, it time to look at real world jobs! Am I ready? Maybe! Lets just see what the world and life has to provide.

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