Saturday, October 20, 2012

Top 5 October (So far)

 Pitch Perfect - This is a movie that everyone needs to go see. I have already seen it twice!!!! I loved every single second of it! I was constantly laughing, it has some great movie references, it can a get a little emotional, the actors are amazing, and the music is insanely good. SO GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Or be Pitched Slapped! Furthermore, because of this movie, I keep wanting to remix/mash songs together.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - If you have already read the book, go and see the movie. The movie was awesome. It followed the book pretty well. Its a very emotional movie (and book) that everyone needs to see. I feel like everyone can relate to the film and the book. If you went to go see the movie, please don't let that stop from reading the book. Movies are never as good as the book!

Revolution - I am in love with this show. It has a great cast and an amazing story line. It keeps me wanting more. I hate having to wait a week to watch a new episode. I am always wondering what is going to happen next and what mysteries the producers/writers are going to provide in the next episode. 

The Mindy Project - If you love Kelly Kapoor from the Office, you will love Mindy's new show. She is hilarious!. I think that I love the fact that she is not afraid to say anything and just does what she wants to do. Plus she has awesome friends that she works with that makes the show even funnier. 

Southern Book Festival (Nashville) - All I have to say is wow! This book fest has to be one of the best I have been to and seen. I got to meet some amazing authors and even got to tour Nashville while I was down there. I hope I am able to go next year! 

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